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Happy throwback Thursday!

Gabriel Iglesias
  • K W

    K W

    Hari Yang lalu

    I do hope his relationship with Frankie is a bit more optimistic in real life lol



    Hari Yang lalu

    who else is curious to see frankie 🤣🤣

  • King Spooky

    King Spooky

    Hari Yang lalu

    You can’t text cash Apple Pay 💰

  • Maxmus Domnic

    Maxmus Domnic

    2 hari yang lalu

    Ur the greatest entertainer since Rowan Atkinson is not posting his shows on youtube rite now, JK u both are on the same level

  • Suomalaine


    2 hari yang lalu

    fluffy's son talks like a fin :D only few necessary words.

  • Gator Productions

    Gator Productions

    4 hari yang lalu

    4:36 some guy in the crowd: YEA

  • RidderRowan


    4 hari yang lalu

    2:17 now you can

  • Anbu-Elite


    6 hari yang lalu


  • Callum O'Brien

    Callum O'Brien

    6 hari yang lalu

    2:56 you sure he’s laughing* 😂😂

  • Rose Puppy

    Rose Puppy

    7 hari yang lalu

    I am practically the opposite of Frankie. I will sit in silence not talking to my parents or sis for hours on my phone with headphones on but get them off of me for a minute and I often turn into a chatty Kathy to the point my parents want me to shut up!

  • Person


    7 hari yang lalu

    I'm dying of laughter!!
    I cant 😂😂😂😂



    8 hari yang lalu

    Thank you for bringing light to texting vs talking

  • Chinese David

    Chinese David

    8 hari yang lalu

    Talking about AUSTIN he is someone anyone shouldn’t doubt or been afraid about settling up his/her investment with him.i too I I’m trading with his broker service..

  • rocket league popo

    rocket league popo

    8 hari yang lalu

    when are doing another special?

  • Vivek Ji Baranwal

    Vivek Ji Baranwal

    8 hari yang lalu


    • Vivek Ji Baranwal

      Vivek Ji Baranwal

      8 hari yang lalu

      Are you alive sir, after roasting your own son? 😅😅😅 Get some protection programs!

  • Stella C Boswell

    Stella C Boswell

    8 hari yang lalu

    #GabrielIglesias we need to get you to Europe

  • teo nico

    teo nico

    9 hari yang lalu

    Wait to he learns of cash app or paypal

  • Martin Junior

    Martin Junior

    9 hari yang lalu

    Fluffy: you can't text cash
    Phones: 💵💵💵

  • Alejandro Aguilar

    Alejandro Aguilar

    9 hari yang lalu

    finish the joke mamn

  • Raghav Bahl

    Raghav Bahl

    9 hari yang lalu

    Germans from the India video.

  • Vali .S

    Vali .S

    9 hari yang lalu

    ''what do you want. Food'' - Parent proceeds to SCREAM

  • Kim Pineda

    Kim Pineda

    9 hari yang lalu


  • Ana Petraș

    Ana Petraș

    9 hari yang lalu

    Bro, my and him

  • JustAPerception


    9 hari yang lalu

    your gonna make me wake up everyone laughing

  • Nicholas Williams

    Nicholas Williams

    9 hari yang lalu

    was funny that fluffy had to clarify he was talking about GTA the game not the crime when mentioning what frankie does

  • Carlos Caez

    Carlos Caez

    10 hari yang lalu

    Hey Fluffy, when you are coming to Puerto Rico??

  • LadyFish Vision

    LadyFish Vision

    10 hari yang lalu

    when he says ''parents, you know what i'm talking about, kids, ''one-word kid?'' and the dad in the back ''yes'' with all his might and anger xD

  • Jarrett Batchelor

    Jarrett Batchelor

    10 hari yang lalu

    Fluffy: “I got money for you!!”
    Frankie: *pulls a Houdini*
    Fluffy: Oh, hello?!?; cause you can’t text cash
    Me: *questioning* don’t they have Cashapp for that???
    Although, I get where he wants to have that connection with his son, Frankie. Just thought it was funny

  • Cecil Anderson IV

    Cecil Anderson IV

    10 hari yang lalu

    I’m a one word kid. But it’s because I’m more shy and introverted. And just a quite person in general.

  • alvin chun

    alvin chun

    10 hari yang lalu

    What's selena taki

  • p por pendejo

    p por pendejo

    10 hari yang lalu

    2:15 it cz money talks😂😂

  • Hyswell Cool

    Hyswell Cool

    11 hari yang lalu


  • Densel-Wayne English

    Densel-Wayne English

    11 hari yang lalu


  • L J

    L J

    11 hari yang lalu

    "...If I'm in the house and I yell, Frankie did you take out the trash? Nothing..."
    "...But if I say, I got money for you," freaking Houdini..."Oh, hello."
    ROFLOL! This plus the rest about headphones and December is literally describing my life!!! 😂😂😂

  • Suzan Smythe

    Suzan Smythe

    12 hari yang lalu

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  • TsundereKingF


    12 hari yang lalu

    Is your next tour in 2022

  • Mr. J

    Mr. J

    13 hari yang lalu

    You will always have a hard time when you ask your own kid to do you a favor.. You'll never make them responsible like that.

  • Kevin reklame studio 123

    Kevin reklame studio 123

    13 hari yang lalu


  • Ernest Kuhns

    Ernest Kuhns

    13 hari yang lalu

    one-word answers...that's me even

  • Franky Suarez

    Franky Suarez

    14 hari yang lalu

    Funfact, now you can text cash 😂

  • Travis Markert

    Travis Markert

    14 hari yang lalu

    Thank you for this Fluffy. I needed it on many levels. Seeing that someone as awesome as you has the same everyday challenges with their kids made me do two things. One is laugh my a** off and the second is appreciate that I'm not alone in this.

  • Anthony Quintana

    Anthony Quintana

    14 hari yang lalu

    Miss you so much Fluffy. Rip Gabriel Iglesias

  • Catherine Keddy

    Catherine Keddy

    14 hari yang lalu

    You have helped me through so many tough times. Ty so much for making me laugh. It truly is the best medicine.

  • Yo Cool

    Yo Cool

    14 hari yang lalu

    Holy moly the back of his neck has 4 extra necks!!

  • MiguelCobraKai


    15 hari yang lalu

    I wish he cut his beard it looks like he is 22

  • Victor Guzman-Ross

    Victor Guzman-Ross

    15 hari yang lalu


  • Astolfo


    15 hari yang lalu

    Crap man I'm one of those one word kids

  • Sniper Ghost

    Sniper Ghost

    16 hari yang lalu

    Fluffy your son will learn that he should have talked to you more

  • Manas Shrivastava

    Manas Shrivastava

    16 hari yang lalu

    Repost repost just keeps on reposting

  • Reborn


    16 hari yang lalu

    Fluffy: You can't text Cash!
    Google after watching fluffys special: I just had a great idea!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Lars Ejgaard Bissenbacker Jørgensen

    Lars Ejgaard Bissenbacker Jørgensen

    16 hari yang lalu

    You can text cash in Denmark, if you have Mobilepay, everyone almost have, it easy, just click the number, and the the persons tlf nr. Click ok, an now you have texted cash

  • sai shashank talluri

    sai shashank talluri

    16 hari yang lalu

    Everybody! This is a humble request , Please put some water on your balconies for the birds , in these hot summers birds die due to thirst

    • Oliver Von arx

      Oliver Von arx

      9 hari yang lalu


  • Opimo


    16 hari yang lalu

    This video is re-uploaded

  • RavioliBandit


    16 hari yang lalu

    Who else misses when Gabriel was blowing up and times were simpler. I know has prices and what not wasn't the best but quality of life just seemed well around better for the world and the media world. Miss those times.

    • Oliver Von arx

      Oliver Von arx

      9 hari yang lalu

      Agreed. I feel like even the ravioli tasted better back then... 😥

  • David Ching

    David Ching

    17 hari yang lalu


  • HIqualiT


    17 hari yang lalu

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  • Cfdezb21


    17 hari yang lalu


  • Dante Justice

    Dante Justice

    17 hari yang lalu

    Wanna convince him you know how to talk to girls? Just say his mom had high standards

  • John Patrick Odidika

    John Patrick Odidika

    17 hari yang lalu


  • Leonardo Muñoz

    Leonardo Muñoz

    17 hari yang lalu

    Bro I love fluffy he has such great jokes and is very funny

  • Sourav Singh

    Sourav Singh

    17 hari yang lalu

    not at all funny!! dissappointed

  • El Diablo

    El Diablo

    17 hari yang lalu

    Already heard this act before... just a repeat of the same stuff he already has on here.

  • sweet farmer

    sweet farmer

    17 hari yang lalu

    is your son Manny, from modern family?

  • Charitin Afton

    Charitin Afton

    17 hari yang lalu

    Holi :>

  • Toni Al_murdaa

    Toni Al_murdaa

    17 hari yang lalu

    Sorry but why are you are uploading the same thing al the time ?

  • Daniel Skrivan

    Daniel Skrivan

    18 hari yang lalu

    4:45 My favorite when I was a teenager.
    "What did you do today?"

  • xdsmastermia


    18 hari yang lalu

    it's called idiocracy, it's a movie, and now it's real

  • Stan Rogowski

    Stan Rogowski

    18 hari yang lalu

    Who brought the germans
    Omg you got me there😂😂😂😁😁



    18 hari yang lalu

    Are you reposting the same video again

  • Omari Hill

    Omari Hill

    18 hari yang lalu

    What bout PayPal💸

  • Prabhat Singh

    Prabhat Singh

    18 hari yang lalu

    Love from india 💗💗😇

  • M.C.Martin


    18 hari yang lalu

    “You can’t text cash”
    Cash App, Venmo, and Google Pay: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • Inge Widya

    Inge Widya

    18 hari yang lalu

    4:42 that scream 😂😂😂

  • Rajnandani Singh

    Rajnandani Singh

    18 hari yang lalu

    I love fluffy ✨ that’s my 3 words 😄😊😂

  • dustyluckyblond bunny

    dustyluckyblond bunny

    19 hari yang lalu

    true word were spoken

  • William Bisch

    William Bisch

    19 hari yang lalu

    POV: 0:52 You started swaying side to side

  • Dan Gutierrez - For The Funny

    Dan Gutierrez - For The Funny

    19 hari yang lalu

    Somehow we all have the same teenage son... 🤣

  • Ashley Cook

    Ashley Cook

    19 hari yang lalu

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  • Jacob coates

    Jacob coates

    19 hari yang lalu


  • Susan Marquez

    Susan Marquez

    19 hari yang lalu

    Which special is this

  • Sothia Chhoeum

    Sothia Chhoeum

    19 hari yang lalu

    You are amazing awesome Fluffy 😂🤣

  • GKB


    19 hari yang lalu

    Looks like Manny..

  • Shahbaz Pasha

    Shahbaz Pasha

    19 hari yang lalu

    Fluffy reaction r mind blowing 🤯😍

  • Rizal Abdul Kadir

    Rizal Abdul Kadir

    19 hari yang lalu

    A horrible end video

  • Rasenguy


    19 hari yang lalu

    Sad, these are like therapy sessions for Gabriel because he can't connect with this step-kid. Sadder because he doesn't realize that he's only pushing his step-kid away further by airing all this dirty laundry out in public.

    • Rhyme Vinh

      Rhyme Vinh

      16 hari yang lalu

      i think so, damn dude.. its sad

  • Corban Lee

    Corban Lee

    19 hari yang lalu

    To be honest I don't like small talk . Just get to the point. 😂😄

  • CatTat75


    19 hari yang lalu

    I wear an earpiece or headphones to watch YouTube too, I can only imagine what I sound like lmao

  • Ho Yin Li

    Ho Yin Li

    19 hari yang lalu

    your shows are really funny! Great!

  • Terri Drollinger

    Terri Drollinger

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  • Drole


    19 hari yang lalu

    When are you going to marry Frankie's Mom!?! She deserves the biggest diamond that you can barely afford!

  • Xrozzkode


    19 hari yang lalu

    Why you don't have a neck?

  • matt kelley

    matt kelley

    20 hari yang lalu

    Cashapp... you can text cash now, dont tell Frankie

  • 3rd Eye Cult

    3rd Eye Cult

    20 hari yang lalu

    68 people didn’t get the Selena joke.

  • Joshua Sanchez

    Joshua Sanchez

    20 hari yang lalu

    The beneficial moustache sequentially influence because reduction qualitatively memorise off a eight cardboard. difficult, tested sardine

  • powerjd


    20 hari yang lalu

    “You can’t text cash” hehe

  • James Cantu

    James Cantu

    20 hari yang lalu

    Stop putting this garbage up on my feed.

  • Talos Siorai

    Talos Siorai

    20 hari yang lalu

    I admit, I was the "One-Word Kid" in high school, lol

  • Ano Nymous

    Ano Nymous

    20 hari yang lalu

    i'm old and still hate taking out the trash :D

  • Tek Maverick

    Tek Maverick

    20 hari yang lalu

    Fluffy, dear, be a pro: if his duty is to take out the trash, NEVER take out the trash yourself. He'll leave it till it's enough of a mess that it bothers him and then he'll start doing it. As for messages, texting is a form of defense. If he texts someone, they can't yell back or do snappy comebacks, they can only text back. No idea how to give him more courage though, confidence stuff?

  • Waldherz FeuerClan

    Waldherz FeuerClan

    20 hari yang lalu

    That somehow sounds like I just listened to my dad talking about me like 15 years ago.