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Happy throwback Thursday!

Gabriel Iglesias
  • Henry Rivers

    Henry Rivers

    Hari Yang lalu

    I know how u feel fluffy must be millions who don't know thare dads

  • christian werner

    christian werner

    4 hari yang lalu

    I'm running out of videos and I'm scared

  • Amanda D Dunn

    Amanda D Dunn

    4 hari yang lalu


  • Lil Carlos young

    Lil Carlos young

    4 hari yang lalu

    Plot twist: his dad is actually on the hot sauce

  • Firestone Animation

    Firestone Animation

    6 hari yang lalu

    Comedy is hereditary

  • GeloGaming


    6 hari yang lalu

    His mom looks like Martin. hahaha

  • Riku Keyblade Master

    Riku Keyblade Master

    6 hari yang lalu

    I will say this when I was little I couldn't see very well and I still can't but that is why I use my heart to do the looking when it comes to individuals, and honestly I think that Gabriel's mom looks beautiful and I bet she was a wonderful person I wish I could have met her :-) but now I am glad to say that she may not be with us anymore but at least she is also in a place where more and more angels can admire her for the angel that she was towards Gabriel and I am very happy to have known that :-)

  • Dina Mirm.

    Dina Mirm.

    8 hari yang lalu

    Woah he was BIG back then. Happy he got in shape. He seems healthier now.

  • Joan McGarity

    Joan McGarity

    19 hari yang lalu

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  • Iyaya Ekita

    Iyaya Ekita

    21 hari yang lalu

    I have an aunt who never could get a joke. Unfortunately, she was born into a family of jokers. However, she inherited the kind, loving spirit of her mother, my grandma, and she was a generous, forgiving, kind person.

  • Iyaya Ekita

    Iyaya Ekita

    21 hari yang lalu

    Una buena mujer y buena persona.por tener a un hijo tan de buen corazón y además talentoso como UD., y, con un Staff, alguno que está buenísimo, LOL!!! Con todo el respeto para su pareja. Your Dad must've been a good guy if he liked your Mom! He may have not yet understood the joy of having a kid. But if he was a bad guy let know and I'll curse him for you! Not nice, pero algunas personas unfortunately se lo merecen!!!

  • Salim R

    Salim R

    25 hari yang lalu

    Who let the dogs out? Boom.. Boom! Boom! Boom!

  • siddhartha moitra

    siddhartha moitra

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Hello & Namaste to you mom, fluffy!

  • Khalid Shah Durrani

    Khalid Shah Durrani

    Bulan Yang lalu


  • Kathy Cortez

    Kathy Cortez

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Fluffy you are so funny 😂

  • Quetzal YEE YEE

    Quetzal YEE YEE

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Now all he needs to do is make Frankie fluffy and teach him how to be a comedian and he will be Fluffy JR

  • Daniel


    Bulan Yang lalu

    Mr. Fluffy I just want to let you know that you crack me up especially through the pandemic. Praying for you and your family like everybody else. Stay safe and hope to see your future shows.

  • Da Liu

    Da Liu

    Bulan Yang lalu

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  • Christian Parrish

    Christian Parrish

    Bulan Yang lalu

    1:32 that kinda makes sense.

  • Aron Ramdas

    Aron Ramdas

    Bulan Yang lalu

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  • Shelby Martin

    Shelby Martin

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Rip momma fluffy

  • Angry Road Glide

    Angry Road Glide

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Lol mariachi hot sauce

  • Chris Kelly

    Chris Kelly

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Not funny



    Bulan Yang lalu

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  • Israel welsh

    Israel welsh

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Bro gabriel you should make vlogs on this channel that would be sick

  • Greasy Money

    Greasy Money

    Bulan Yang lalu

    I was there



    Bulan Yang lalu

    This is still one of my favorite specials you’ve made

  • Liv 99

    Liv 99

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Gabriel's mom is adorable

  • Joshi


    Bulan Yang lalu

    She's exactly like my mom. When you tell her something beautiful she kills it with your own past.

  • blue gravity

    blue gravity

    Bulan Yang lalu

    This looks like fluffy 10 years ago

  • Kamal Anthony Justine

    Kamal Anthony Justine

    Bulan Yang lalu


  • ACP


    Bulan Yang lalu

    Isn't it time for some NEW content @Gabriel Iglesias?? These video's are not funny anymore after watching over a dozen times.

  • Tommy Jordan

    Tommy Jordan

    Bulan Yang lalu

    The marked discussion intriguingly boast because jeff extremely drag lest a encouraging poet. callous, obtainable punch

  • Abinash Parida

    Abinash Parida

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Is is fat again????

  • Marzanna Classics

    Marzanna Classics

    Bulan Yang lalu

    That was really funny Manny Delgado! Thank you 🙏

  • Franken Guy

    Franken Guy

    Bulan Yang lalu

    1:12 bro i feel bad at the only person who laughed at the line she doesnt get the jokes

  • Shelly Cassidy

    Shelly Cassidy

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Awesome story

  • Lawm Sanga

    Lawm Sanga

    Bulan Yang lalu

    R. I. P.. Gabriel's Mom😔

  • BullzEye Wolfz

    BullzEye Wolfz

    Bulan Yang lalu

    I wish Netflix would show more of your jokes

  • Doggy Rescue

    Doggy Rescue

    Bulan Yang lalu

    The reason why the chicken got our cause he could sense he was gonna be chicken tenders

  • Karan Ikjot Singh

    Karan Ikjot Singh

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Hey Fluffy, you look better with beard man. Get it back bro. Get it back 😬😬

  • Jon Rau

    Jon Rau

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Fantastic mom!
    She's funny 😄

  • Zhen Jiang

    Zhen Jiang

    Bulan Yang lalu

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  • hypercar Isfast

    hypercar Isfast

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Needs to make the videos longer

  • mulhim056


    Bulan Yang lalu

    Please post some of your new shows, we’ve seen this clip hundreds of times..

  • Prince Daniel

    Prince Daniel

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Fluffy fluffy fluffy

  • Antmite :3

    Antmite :3

    Bulan Yang lalu

    I watched this before :/

  • Dynasty Star

    Dynasty Star

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Wow, new content I haven’t seen of gabriel, guess I didn’t see all his content(I know this is throwback Thursday, so it’s old)

  • Labellelee_Roblox YT

    Labellelee_Roblox YT

    Bulan Yang lalu

    he looks better with moustache lol

  • tom tang

    tom tang

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Gabriel may not be the richest person on earth but he makes over 4 million peoples days

  • turtledove


    Bulan Yang lalu

    Coco! Except his mom was like you're going to out success your dad while staying close to your mama!

  • Jan Williams

    Jan Williams

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Trust me, your mom is always right.

  • John Thomas

    John Thomas

    Bulan Yang lalu

    1:15 I love how you can hear his mom laugh because she already knows where the jokes going. I'm sorry for your loss fluffy! :(

  • Erin Burkey

    Erin Burkey

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Lol yeah you are

  • 16 Ramakrishnan Kalyana

    16 Ramakrishnan Kalyana

    Bulan Yang lalu

    2:16 ,sounds like a notification

  • ThatWasMindblowing


    Bulan Yang lalu

  • Cisme


    Bulan Yang lalu

    Ayo she got a mustache ?

  • Oliver af

    Oliver af

    Bulan Yang lalu


  • berdy boy 45

    berdy boy 45

    Bulan Yang lalu

    I wished that gabriel's mom was still alive cause, SHE IS SOO ADORABLE. I just want to give her a hug

  • JP


    Bulan Yang lalu

    Fluffy's mom: look at me, I'm the comedian now
    RIP momma fluffy



    Bulan Yang lalu

    it's no joke i paid for those chickens
    ahhh man the best comedian

  • Teacher who loves Giving F's

    Teacher who loves Giving F's

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Im actually....not a year late....

  • Sanyeliz Hernandez

    Sanyeliz Hernandez

    Bulan Yang lalu

    I know his trying to make this funny, but... Its not funny to me

  • alis_n_wundrlnd


    Bulan Yang lalu


  • Gocam


    Bulan Yang lalu

    I always loved that moment when Fluffy told his mom that she doesn't get the jokes, then she laughs :)

  • Jesse Wan

    Jesse Wan

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Fluffy's father wasn't in the picture, but he was on the bottle!

  • 10kosukeueki01


    Bulan Yang lalu

    Rip Mrs iglesias may she rest in peace

    • Tristen Parker

      Tristen Parker

      3 hari yang lalu

      @Christian Parrish lol we have you in our prayers

    • Christian Parrish

      Christian Parrish

      4 hari yang lalu

      @Min Familie oh man! My dad died recently.

    • Min Familie

      Min Familie

      4 hari yang lalu

      @Christian Parrish His last picture with her was with a Mexican singer called Vicente Fernandez (she was a big fan), he talked about it on stage. Search for "the Mexican Elvis" here on IDvision.

    • Christian Parrish

      Christian Parrish

      Bulan Yang lalu

      She died?! Oh no!

  • Spaddled C

    Spaddled C

    Bulan Yang lalu

    He makes everyone laugh except his son lol

  • SHO/N/OFF /

    SHO/N/OFF /

    Bulan Yang lalu

    I love fluffy, he is so funny to me....🤣😂😄

  • Rufo Barriga

    Rufo Barriga

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Happy throwback Thursday

  • Rattlesnake George

    Rattlesnake George

    Bulan Yang lalu

    My uncle Bruno was a Mariachi.
    My grandpa taught Rigo Tobar how to play the guitar. He married my cousin and my other cousins played music with him in "La Costa Azul".

  • treverios


    Bulan Yang lalu

    R.I.P. Esther

  • Grammy Bear

    Grammy Bear

    Bulan Yang lalu

    🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼

  • Rockas360


    Bulan Yang lalu

    That is one proud mom. Good job Gabriel

  • * Mako *

    * Mako *

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Wow, Mrs Iglesias is so fluffy. Good on her. Her son turned out so well, with a decent job making millions of people across the world happy.

  • GhostHunterz


    Bulan Yang lalu

    new joke? nvm

  • DCM7734


    Bulan Yang lalu

    RIP Mama Fluffy

  • Patricia Cleary

    Patricia Cleary

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Funny & sweet!

  • Anthony Anderson

    Anthony Anderson

    Bulan Yang lalu

    fluffy your a god

  • Cooper Valentine

    Cooper Valentine

    Bulan Yang lalu

    he is a good laugh

  • Tamseel Ahmed Siddiqui

    Tamseel Ahmed Siddiqui

    Bulan Yang lalu

    And just one thing I wanna ask....
    That little woman made you by herself?!

  • melissa ann

    melissa ann

    Bulan Yang lalu

    At least it was a bottle of hot sauce and nothing else! 🤣

  • Silver Hawk

    Silver Hawk

    Bulan Yang lalu

    His mom sounds awesome with her own sense of humor bless her soul, I'm sure she's watching her son succeed with all the pride a little elderly Mexican lady can hold in her body and more❤

    • Jedadiah Liskey

      Jedadiah Liskey

      Bulan Yang lalu

      She is sleeping in the grave, but, if she could see him, I think she would be happy.

  • Reactor XXL

    Reactor XXL

    Bulan Yang lalu

    bro put some new material ....

  • Lee Fisher

    Lee Fisher

    Bulan Yang lalu

    It’s got to suck when don’t know where or who your father is

  • Erik Grimaldo

    Erik Grimaldo

    Bulan Yang lalu

    He try his best to make her laugh

  • fatboy 22

    fatboy 22

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Your awesome fluffy

  • osheen jain

    osheen jain

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Road to success 😂

  • Seth Carlow

    Seth Carlow

    Bulan Yang lalu

    that was awesome and real funny ha ha ha ha ah ah ha ha haha h
    i am going to tell you the same joke.
    Why did the Chick cross the road ?
    to get away from KFC.
    Mom i needed this today.

  • The Simulation Geek

    The Simulation Geek

    Bulan Yang lalu

    I understand spanish so... This was funnier than i thought it would be

  • Jethro Dacanay

    Jethro Dacanay

    Bulan Yang lalu

    I wonder what happened to the winner of that contest?

  • Nina Marie

    Nina Marie

    Bulan Yang lalu

    You're making me laugh today, I'm grieving for my little chihuahua so thanks for making me laugh. 😪 😂♥️

    • geekdivaherself


      Bulan Yang lalu

      May your life be better soon. As Doctor Seuss said, "Don't cry because it's over; be happy because it happened." But follow his advice only in between or alongside periods of mourning, because as Mister Rogers would say, you need to feel what you feel.

  • silverbullet1620


    Bulan Yang lalu

    Why don't comedians do a YouTube special? They get money from their ads on YouTube, so why not just do a special here?

  • ArMaGedDoN


    Bulan Yang lalu

    Savage Mum 🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤

  • Shotgun's Stories

    Shotgun's Stories

    Bulan Yang lalu

    2:03 The story he's telling is very similar to the one from the movie called Coco. I know that Coco was made way after this.

    • Luis’s Covers

      Luis’s Covers

      Bulan Yang lalu

      Well not exactly like coco but yea I see what u mean

    • Masuga Nut

      Masuga Nut

      Bulan Yang lalu

      Omg THANK YOU! I was going to comment that!!!! 🤣

  • Alto Burrito

    Alto Burrito

    Bulan Yang lalu

    "What about your dad well he's not in the picture" Felt That

  • Ameha K

    Ameha K

    Bulan Yang lalu

    My favorite story is the one with the remote starter on his car. "El Diablo el Diablo!!!"

    • Christian Parrish

      Christian Parrish

      Bulan Yang lalu

      Mama it's not the devil

  • Atta Urehman

    Atta Urehman

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Is there any one who interested to improve my English...! I hope you will....!



    Bulan Yang lalu

    Ain't it a lil weird that fluffy gives us old clips and videos with different names.
    And we still watch and love them.



      Bulan Yang lalu

      @DroxyPlayz 🙌 you're a man of sheer fucking will.

    • geekdivaherself


      Bulan Yang lalu

      @DroxyPlayz Likewise. I wonder how he's doing, though, because with new clips we know for sure that he's still going around alive and everything.

    • DroxyPlayz


      Bulan Yang lalu

      I scrolled for 2 mins to find this comment

  • OtakuLady


    Bulan Yang lalu

    There was a part in his comedy special where they showed his mom? Thats so cute...yeah he really misses his Mom, poor Gabriel. My favourite part was when he said he told her the joke why did the chicken cross the road, and she goes “Who let out the chicken?!” 😂😂😂

    • Ameha K

      Ameha K

      Bulan Yang lalu

      There's a story he tells in the 20th anniversary special of him taking her to a Vicente concert that's also very cute.